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1. Diameter

2. Hardness

3. Shape



Chapter 1

Diameter of wheels

The diameter of the wheels is expressed in millimeters. The wheels start from a diameter of 48 mm up to 58 mm for the skateboard. The larger wheels allow you to go faster, but it takes longer to accelerate and reach maximum speed. Smaller wheels accelerate faster.

All sizes of wheels



The wheels of this size are perfect for skateboarding in the street, they are slower but, guaranteen stability and greater acceleration.


Wheels of this size are the right compromise to turn in street, bowl and ramp.



Chapter 2

The hardness of the wheels

The hardness is indicated in A scale ranging from the softest 78A to the hardest 104A. Some manufacturers also use the B scale, which is harder than the A. The wheels hard glide much more than the soft wheels that have more grip on the ground


The wheels from 78A to 87A are ideal for cruising (travel by cruiser) and for those who want a good grip with the deck, perfect for turning in the street.


From 88A to 95A wheels are faster, but have less grip than 78A. Used for those looking for extra grip on skatepark surfaces.


The wheels from 96A to 100A are perfect for both street and skatepark. They have both good grip and good speed.


The wheels from 101A to 102A are for more experienced skaters who like to grind and slide. They have less hold but more speed.


83B and 84B wheels are for very experienced street skaters. These wheels are very fast but have very little grip.




Chapter 3

The shape of wheels

On the market we find different wheels shape. They are important for the performance we want to get from our skateboard. The main shapes we find are three: Slim, Regular and Wide.



These wheels have a narrow contact surface with the ground and are ideal for performing thechnical tricks for their lightness.


These wheels have an average surface contact with the ground and are the best compromise to perform thechnical tricks and turn in the park.


These wheels have a wide contact surface with the ground and are ideal for running in the park for their greater control.


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